Toric pluripotential theory

Vincent Guedj, Ahmed Zeriahi, Dan Coman, Sibel Sahin

Structured sparsity promoting functions

Lixin Shen, Bruce W. Suter, Erin E. Tripp

Fourier series of circle embeddings

Leonid V. Kovalev, Xuerui Yang

A survey on zeros of random holomorphic sections

Turgay Bayraktar, Dan Coman, Hendrik Herrmann, George Marinescu

Fundamental group and analytic disks

Dayal Dharmasena, Evgeny A. Poletsky

A framelet algorithm for de-blurring images corrupted by multiplicative noise

Jian Lu, Zeping Yang, Lixin Shen, Zhaosong Lu, Hanmei Yang, Chen Xu

New restrictions on the topology of extreme black holes

Marcus Khuri, Eric Woolgar, William Wylie

The Nitsche phenomenon for weighted Dirichlet energy

Tadeusz Iwaniec, Jani Onninen, Teresa Radice

Annular Khovanov homology and knotted Schur-Weyl representations

J. Elisenda Grigsby, Anthony M. Licata, Stephan M. Wehrli

Plurisubharmonically separable complex manifolds

Evgeny A. Poletsky, Nikolay Shcherbina

A two-stage design for comparative clinical trials: the heteroscedastic solution

Elena M. Buzaianu, Pinyuen Chen

Implementing a framework for early algebra

Maria Blanton, Bárbaras M. Brizuela, Ana Stephens, Eric Knuth, Isil Isler, Angela Murphy Gardiner, Rena Stroud, Nicole L. Fonger, Despina Stylianou

Joint records from two exponential populations and associated inference

William Volterman, R. Arabi Belaghi, N. Balakrishnan

On the distribution-free confidence intervals and universal bounds for quantiles based on joint records

R. Arabi Belaghi, M. Noori Asl, H. Bevrani, William Volterman, N. Balakrishnan

Removable sets for intrinsic metric and for holomorphic functions

Sergei Kalmykov, Leonid V. Kovalev, Tapio Rajala

Symmetrization and extension of planar bi-Lipschitz maps

Leonid V. Kovalev

Improved confidence interval for average annual percent change in trend analysis

Hyune-Ju Kim, Jun Luo, Huann-Sheng Chen, Don Green, Dennis Buckman, Jeffrey Byrne, Eric J. Feuer

Uniform convergence of Green’s functions

Sergei Kalmykov, Leonid V. Kovalev